Turnkey Site Development

AIT Site Development offers the full range of site services in order to provide all aspects of horizontal site construction. Check out more detailed descriptions of our services below.


Land Clearing & Grading

We provide removal of existing and or designated trees, underbrush, and plant vegetation through burning or horizontal grinding. Additionally, we offer complete earthmoving capability, including excavation of retention ponds, site cut & fill, rough grading, horizontal construction building pads, and final grading.



We offer the ability to construct project proposed roads and flat parking surfaces that would require various sub base components such as lime rock, concrete shell base, soil cement, as well as asphalt or concrete pavements depending on project design requirements.


Storm Drainage

We utilize the top industry drainage materials available for our installations as determined by project specifications, such as concrete pipe, HDPE pipe, PVC piping, precast structures, inlets, manholes, outfall and poured-in-place structures, exfiltration systems, HDPE structures, pollution control barriers, and stormwater retention systems.


Underground Utilities

We are state certified to run quality underground fire lines, potable water systems, reuse water distribution systems, gravity sanitary sewers, force mains, and lift stations while making all necessary connections to an existing sewer system without interruption.



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